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Online, virtual or telehealth therapy is done in the privacy of your home or another convenient place of your choice. You may use desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet. It is important that you conduct yourself as if you are in the office and secure your privacy. Research has shown that tele-therapy is known to be effective and convenient. You will receive an email from me, prior to your appointment. You will then click on the link where you will be invited to a visual and audio session. You can use the same link for your next appointment.

Telehealth provides major benefits for clients.

  1. Breaking down the barrier to begin therapy – Oftentimes patients will avoid therapy due to stigma, fear of entering a therapy office or fearing that they may meet someone in the office who will recognize them, and they may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.  

  2. Convenience – It is easy to begin therapy in the comfort of your own home or another designated safe and confidential place.  

  3. Efficiency – Time is a precious commodity.  As such, traveling to the office may add more stress to clients who are already prone to anxiety.  You can certainly avoid rushing to get to the office, save time and gas money with tele-therapy.  

  4. Privacy - Choosing to have virtual sessions in a HIPAA compliant platform ensures your confidentiality and privacy where you do not have to worry whom you would see in your way to and while in the office.  

  5. Flexibility – Imagine days where you could not get to the office due to high traffic, going on a business trip, you/your child got sick.   Having the flexibility to still have the session without cancellation fees can be invaluable.  It can also be exceedingly difficult for disabled individuals to attend sessions in an office and the issue is gone with a virtual session.  It is also but that concern is t maybe you have disabilities which make it exceedingly difficult or impossible to be in an office.  With tele-health, a student who relocates for school and becomes a remote patient can continue with same therapist.  Suppose a friend referred a therapist you would like to see but could not feasibly go to the office due to geographical distance.  Luckily, all the above scenarios are possible with the availability of virtual sessions.  

  6. Safety – Sometimes we cannot predict bad weather, a hurricane, or the fear of contracting VOVID-19.  Such concerns are eliminated in virtual therapy and safety is maintained. 

  7. Timeliness – is more effective when obstacles are removed, and virtual sessions can begin on time.  

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